Monthly Archives: March 2008

It is cold and raining today in Philadelphia, but our buddy Kelly T has something to cheer us up.   She took her Benjamin to the beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico last week, and sent us back this picture.  Can’t wait for summer!

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There is an article on us in the new magazine. Go read it!!!

TRKFLD, We Make Hats?!?!

Just got the samples back of the Torpey hat that we made special for this upcoming summer collection.  These will be made with 100% Sunbrella, and will match the small series of bags that will be coming out June 1.  Here is a sneak peak..


Hey everyone,

The Spring 08 bags are up on our site. Go check them out!
They wont ship out until March 25 but you can pre-order today.



Welcome to our new blog!

Ok, this is our new blog. This is where we will keep track of all the many things going on here at Track + Field, INC. Press, events, new bags we are working on, friends, etc. So we hope you dig it!