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Tough Love in Raleigh NC.

TOUGH LOVE loves us.

visit them at 

TRASH BAG AESTHETICS has some nice things to say about us. 


Another Blogging Friend.

Go see what this spiffy girl has to say about our bags at

10 lbs.

The folks from NBC came through the office today to film a segment on us for their Dig Philly show that is on Saturday nights, at 10pm.  We will send an update when we know the air date.  Thanks dudes!!

The Dope Fiend

A few days ago our new friends at mentioned our bags in their blog. Go see what they have to say!


Our pal Wendy over at nitro:licious gave us a nod today over at her site.  Check it out here.


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Our new bags are in at the following Giant Robot store locations. Go visit and tell them we said hi!

Giant Robot
2015 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90025

GR SF (pictured)
618 Shrader Street
San Franciso, CA 94117

437 E. Ninth Steet
New York NY 10009