Monthly Archives: June 2008

Giant Robot issue54

Go pick up the new Giant Robot issue 54 and check out page 30. Our maya wristband is listed as one of their favorite things! Giant Robot is one of our favorite magazines!




Pine Barren Canoe Trip!

A few weeks ago I went canoeing in the NJ pine barrens. I brought my benjamin with me. And yes…our canoe tipped. Luckily Sunbrella is easy to clean. We were also lucky I had a waterproof camera and all of our cellphones were safely sealed in ziplock bags. Cant say the same for our pbj sandwiches…they got a little soggy. 

Hellooooooo Beautiful!

This blog has some very nice things to say about our Luu bag. We have to agree that this bag is the perfect bag to carry around at the beach. Find out what else they have to say at


digphilly and Kitsune Noir

Two fun things for you to look at today!

One – digphilly interviewed Bryan a couple weeks ago. The episode aired this past Saturday night, but if you didn’t catch it, you can see it here!

Two – Bobby Solomon, who has a really nice art/design/technology/fashion/entertainment/etc. blog called Kitsune Noir, wrote some really nice things about us. And his favorite bag is the Bobby! Go read it!

We’ve been blogged!

A couple sweet blogs were kind enough to write about us recently. Check them out: driplaur and abby & the square.