Monthly Archives: September 2008

BBBags & BBBicycles.

Maria just sent in this pic of herself and her Maile bag.  Maria is the head of the super cool Fuzzy Logic Records out of Toronto.  Check out some of the sweet bands they work with like the Bicycles and Prairie Cat.


bowling in barstow..

You can tell alot about someone by what they carry in their bag on trips through the United Kingdom’s countryside.

A new challenge…

Thanks to everyone who participated in our last guessing game. Details about the answer and winner soon to come! We have a new challenge for all of you TRKFLD bag owners and world travelers. Send us a picture of your traveling TRKFLD bag and we will blog about it. Giving you and whoever guesses the place a chance to win a prize!!


email your submission to 

Be sure to include info about you and your picture.

Guessing Game!!!

TRKFLD travels the world. Do you know where this picture was taken? The first person to guess wins a special TRKFLD gift!!! Submit your guess to

New Bags Are In!!!

Go check out our sweet new colors in the luu, maile, kole and mahon…..

Park Life in San Francisco.

Park Life is a store/gallery in San Francisco (one of my favorite cities!). As you can see they now carry TRKFLD. This handsome young man is modeling the Kole in sunflower yellow. Go check out their online shop/gallery at!