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Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays from TRKFLD!!! Wanted to wish everyone safe traveling this holiday season and we will see you in the New Year!


TRKFLD Holiday Contest Winner!

The winner of our TRKFLD Holiday Contest is Jim from Oreland, PA. Here is his winning story…..

The funny story occured just over the last few days. On Sunday my wife, two boys, and I went to buy the Christmas tree. As usual, the boys, ages 9 and 6, ran up and down the rows of trees like the wild boys they are. I find a tree that I like, my wife finds a different tree that she likes, and the boys find the tallest tree on the lot that they like. After much comparing and me trying to tell my wife that her favorite tree is crooked and not even, and she telling me the same, we end up with her tree. Back home, we set it up in the stand and cut the webbing off of it. Now she sees how crooked and uneven it is. “Oh, it will be fine,” she says, “once the branches droop a bit.” Well, after waiting two days and no changes, she and the boys start decorating yesterday afternoon. While were eating dinner, we all look over at the tree as it begins to fall right over! The boys start screaming and crying “This is the worst Christmas ever!!” There’s broken glass ornaments and pine needles everywhere. I mean, it must have taken my wife and I a good twenty minutes to get the boys to calm down. Later, we stood it back up and cleaned up the mess, but the boys were afraid to go near it. Even this morning, as they were getting ready for school they stayed away.

Final Stretch For TRKFLD Holiday Contest!!

A quick reminder that tomorrow is the last day for our Holiday Contest. Here’s the scoop:

During the production of our holiday bags there was a Mi Mi bag made in Armanda Citrus, only ONE bag. It is truly one of a kind. We are looking for the best holiday story or picture. You know, that crazy story about how you set the Christmas tree on fire or that embarrassing picture of you on Santa’s lap. That sorta thing. We will be accepting submissions via e-mail until TOMORROW when we will choose the winner and mail out the bag just in time for Christmas. This is a great bag for girls, as well as a great bag for guys to win and give as a gift.

Send all submissions to with the subject ‘TRKFLD Holiday Contest’. Good Luck!

TRKFLD Maya Gift!

Wanted to remind everyone that this holiday season (until new years) when you order a bag from TRKFLD we will throw in a FREE Maya when you enter the promo code mayagift. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your free gift!


I feel like an elf.
It’s holiday time at TRKFLD. Have you entered our Holiday Contest yet? We are only accepting submissions up until THIS FRIDAY. So get going and send us your story or picture. Click here for all the details.

Michelle we miss you…

Michelle, our former TRKFLD model, left Philadelphia and moved to San Francisco a few months back. She sent us a picture of her and her Maile on the beach….michelleweb

Brilliant Idea!!!

Here’s a great idea, get your friends and loved ones TRKFLD gifts for Christmas! Our new Holiday Line ranges from the small Lola hip pouch to the Tara bag that can carry everything you need, including your laptop! Don’t feel like paying for a bag? No problem, enter to win our Holiday Contest and get a one of a kind TRKFLD bag for FREE.
Also, do not forget about our Holiday Promotion going on right now, our gift to you this season.