Monthly Archives: April 2009

Different Kind of Bag

This Vivienne Tam HP Digital Clutch weighs a total of two and half pounds and is fully functional, however you can’t carry anything in it. This adorable mini-computer clutch was toted down the runway at her Spring 2009 show.

Available here.


Green Screen

When I visit MoMa in New York I am always entranced by the plastic algae screen. Recently I found out that my friend had bought a pack and had snapped together her own algae screen in her apartment.
Even better, the screen of algae is available in a variety of colors, click here.


Most tattoos are very easy to spot, but Sarah from public personae took a different route with her blue freckle tattoos. Gotta say that they’re pretty awesome.

Happy Earth Day!

House of Pantone

TRKFLD loves Pantone. House of Holland’s Fall ’09 show, by designer Henry Holland, was a Pantone lover’s dream. Nothing but stripes and stipres of numbered colors and Agyness Deyn (swoon)!

Past Pantone post. Images from

Super Fruity

Forgive me if it seems I am on a beverage kick, but these juicebox designs are delicious! Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa created this series of fruit juice packaging to mimick the look and feel of actual fruit. (via Toxel).

Tea People

There’s been a lot of crazy tea bag talk this week around Philly so we decided to shift your attention to some real tea bags. The design studio WDARU created a series of tea bags that appear to be little people! Each tea bag person has their own personality and perches on the edge of your mug while your tea steeps. Just don’t start talking to the tea bag people, your co-workers will think you are crazy. (Via Toxel).