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LEGO Stuff!

Toxel has made a list of 17 products inspired by LEGO from those iPod speakers you see everywhere to LEGO block soap and keychains. Makes me want to run out a buy a bucket of them.


Colorful Cupcakes

Colorful cupcakes from a birthday party this weekend

Have A Good One…

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!! We’re gone to sit by the pool and drink fruit smoothies, see you on Tuesday.

Beach Time!

Here is the first of many TRKFLD summer photos that we will be posting.

Lauren, creative extraordinaire for TRKFLD, snapped a photo of her and her Bob bag on the beach in Florida. I’m super jealous.
Need an idea for a swimsuit that matches your bag? Check out our handy guide.
If you have a photo with you and your bag, or you took a super cool trip and want to tell your tale, send your story my way! Send stories and pictures to

Happy National Bike To Work Day!!

Biking to work is awesome! You should try it.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter biking on National Bike To Work Day ’08
If you haven’t read about our friend Hillary now is your chance, she bikes to work and is super cute!

They’re Made From SUN-brella!!

Summer time means beach time! It’s no secret that the TRKFLD Luu bag is the perfect beach bag. It’s big enough to fit your towel, sunblock and a good read. Also the bag makes a great purse and a super pretty re-useable shopping bag for after the warm weather fades. Here are some sweet suits to match your bag.

suit from Something Else by Natalie Wood

suit from American Apparel

suit by Billabong

suit from Urban Outfitters
We didn’t want to leave out the guys! The Bobby bag is smaller then the Bob bag, but still spacious enough so you can carry your iPod and favorite shades along to the beach.

suit from American Apparel

If you have any pics of your bag and you catching some rays upload them to our Facebook page!

TRKFLD at The Mummy Exhibit