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Happy Halloween!

We wanted to post some pictures of the pumpkins we carved for Halloween, but we got a little excited this year and carved pumpkins a few weeks ago and had to throw them out already. Instead we will lead the way to the TRKFLD orange Benjamin bag, which is orange like a pumpkin. In case you’re wondering, the pumpkin we carved looked a little something like this.


SPOTTED: On The Swings

(via Flickr)

TRKFLD in Mozambique

Our friend Kerri recently traveled to Mozambique to visit her sister, who is stationed there in the Peace Corps. Once again, the Luu bag proves that it is a great travel companion.

Is your TRKFLD bag well traveled? Tell us your story!

TRKFLD in Zombieland!!!

(We tried to get a shot of the bag in the movie, believe me, we tried)

The opening credits of this movie definitely set the tone for the bloody, undead comedy that was Zombieland. And even though I jumped about 100 times and shielded my eyes a good amount it was still an awesome.
It wasn’t until Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin were having a serious talk during a car ride that I was smiling and pointing at the screen like an excited little kid, because there was a Dolce Oasis Benjamin bag sitting in the backseat. Needless to say, we were stoked!
When we think about it, having a Benjamin bag would be great for helping you kill zombies. It can hold snacks, supplies, hand sanitizer, and easily hangs on your shoulder right along side your rifle.

The Pumpkin Pie Prank

It is starting to really feel like Fall here in Philadelphia! Which reminds us of Halloween, the changing of the leaves, and Kathryn’s pumpkin pie prank.
As the story goes, Kathryn and her friends decided to pull a harmless prank with her Mi bag as an accomplice, Kathryn tells the story:

“When I was a senior in high school, one of my teachers had a lot of unusual belongings on his desk; one of which was a pumpkin. Two of my friends and I decided that it would be funny if one day his pumpkin mysteriously turned into pumpkin pie. The teacher always left the room for a few minutes at the start of class; which was when we planned to swap pumpkin goods.

I had just bought my Mi bag from TRKFLD around the same time, and made the decision that my new bag was ideal for hording the pie around school. Continue reading