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Holiday Gift Guide!

The Frequent Flyer
Everyone knows one person that travels a lot. Whether they are hoping on a bus or catching a flight, the Koneval bag is perfect for traveling. The bag easily fits a weekend’s worth of clothes, and shoe compartment makes it easy to carry an extra pair.

The Techie
Our Bob and Pelly bags are perfect for the person who is always toting around their laptop, notebooks, and iPod. Both bags comfortable fit 13″ and 15″ devices and a front pocket to hold all you smaller items.
Shopping for a student? Also check out the Benjamin.

The Girl On The Go
Sometimes you want a purse, but need more space. Our Luu bag is just for you. The Luu is a spacious bag that has pockets to hold your phone or iPod and a zipper pocket to carry everything from Chap Stick to spare change. Better yet, the bag can easily double as a reusable shopping bag. Go green!
Need even more pockets? Check out the Greiner.

The Fitness Enthusiast
This person works on their fitness like it’s their job. They need a bag they can take to the gym, but isn’t a giant duffle. The Maile bag is a small duffle bag that can stash your sneakers and a change of clothes, and comes in a bunch of bright colors.

Still not sure what to get someone? Fruitcake is always the answer.

And don’t forget our Holiday Promo! Enter ‘snowflake’ at checkout to receive 15% off your online order.


We Love Our Friends!

This holiday season we are celebrating you, our friends, by giving you an early gift. Enter the code ‘snowflake’ at checkout and receive 15% off your online purchase. The code can be redeemed until January, 1st, 2010.

Happy Holidays from TRKFLD!

Cute Ketchup

While getting lunch the other day we were handed some super cute ketchup packets. Doing some quick research, we learned that Heinz holds a yearly contest that showcases original designs from kids across America. The winners have their creations printed on nearly 19.5 million Heinz ketchup packets. Click here to see other 2009 winners.