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Guessing Game Round 4

Where in the world is TRKFLD? Our friend Rosanne took her  Marty bag along with her in West Africa while she was checking out giraffes and spending time in a market.  Do you think you know what country she is in? Email us at and we’ll send a prize your way if you got it!


The prime export of the country that the photos are taken in is uranium.

TRKFLD bags are great companions for vacations and summer road trips. Let us know if you’ve been bringing your bag along with you this summer, and we’ll post your photos onto our facebook page!


Guessing Game Round 3!

Where in the world are these TRKFLD bags?


  • The first picture is from one location, and the other three are from one separate location. 
  • The country that the first picture was taken in follows a policy of neutrality, and is one of few countries in the world that maintains no military.
  • The second group of pictures are from a city, in which an influential art movement began in the early 1900s.


 If you think you know where these pictures were taken send your guesses to and win a prize!