Monthly Archives: August 2008

Wake up in the morning, feeling shy and lonely…

..gee I got to go to school.  Got this picture from Katelynn (named after our favorite OG Degrassi fox?), on her first day of 8th grade with her Pelly bag in the great state of Idaho.   Idaho is the new Canada.

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a sad day.

our intern kristin had her last day today. she is moving to nyc for school. before she left i made her take a picture with the sunbrella cushions at a restaurant across the street. as you can see she loved it….



bye kristin we will miss you!!!!


Our friends at Niche MKT took some store shots for us. If you are in the Charlotte, NC area be sure to stop by. If not go visit their store online at

The Torpey and Zack.

Our friend Zack is sporting the TRKFLD Torpey cap on his last day in Philly at our favorite Korean restaurant  Meju. Zack is moving to NYC to teach. Good luck buddy!