Monthly Archives: September 2009

TRKFLD + Cat Video

We knew that our cats loved TRKFLD bags, but it is nice to know that cats everywhere enjoy them just as much! Plus, we can all use a cute cat video in the middle of the week.

Check out willpicknicks for more cat vlogs.


The Lola Outtake

A while back when we were doing the photoshoot for our Holiday ’08 line we took this picture for our Lola bag. Sure, it never made it onto the website but it is certainly blog-worthy.

SPOTTED: Fringe Arts Bar

As all the craziness of the Fringe Arts Fest started to slow down we spotted this guy outside the Fringe Arts Bar with his Pelly bag.

The Manbag

Dear Stevie,

Your video is awesome and we love that you keep candy floating around in your Bob bag.
PS. We have also read Mathematics For Retail Buying.


What does everyone else carry in their manbag? Let us know.

Spring Colors

Colorful hair was in style at the Zac Posen SS ’10 show yesterday.

SPOTTED: Kung Fu Necktie

Hanging out here on a Saturday night we spotted a TRKFLD bag in the booth next to us. What you should really pay attention to is Alisha in the center with her Bobby bag.

SPOTTED: Golden Gate Bridge

Our Bob bag biking across the Golden Gate Bridge.