Monthly Archives: February 2010

Tofer Chin

Tofer Chin’s art is currently being shown in the Fecal Gallery in Los Angeles. In the past 10 years, he has exhibited his work all over California and New York. We love the use of simple monochromatic color patterns in his large scale paintings. For more of his body of work click¬†here!

Gee, that blue pattern looks a little familiar…


TRKFLD Bags In A Music Video!

Check out TRKFLD bags featured in ¬†Johnny Polygon’s new video for The Riot Song. The song is super catchy and the video uses stop motion cut out graphics referencing animation from the 80s/90s.
Johnny Polygon swoons his lady, surrounded by TRKFLD bags! How romantic.

Walking In Your Shoes

Photo by Lawrence Oliver Casimiro

Puss in Boots is our new favorite store! Located in the heart of the Italian Market, they offer a great selection of vintage boots as well as other favorites, such as handbags, sunglasses, scarves and jewelry. Here at TRKFLD we have our fair share of flea market finds, including a vintage pair of tan knee-high boots that have not left our feet since the first snowfall.
Become a fan of Puss in Boots and read more here.

The Maile bag in MORE Magazine.

MORE magazine listed TRKFLD’s Maile bag as one of their 15 Glamorous Gym Bags, next to Marc Jacobs, Le Sport Sac, and Adidas! The Maile bag is the perfect size for a water bottle and some gym shoes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Whether you adore or dread Valentine’s day, get in the spirit with one of our fun pink/red bags. Buy one for your Valentine or treat yourself to a bag. Stock up on some chocolate and enjoy!

Also check out a great way to re-use those candy boxes: Lovers and Haters

Maya So Pretty

Every so often we stumble something TRKFLD related (Remember that amazing video with Stevie?). Just look at the photo below by Everyday Is Chim Day, it’s awesome!

Check out the rest of her photos on Flickr.