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Daily Dose of Green

I am sitting here thinking about how I cannot wait for it to be warm outside, how excited I am to see things turning green. And speaking of green the Philadelphia Flower Show is next week. I always look forward to the show, not because I have the time to attend, but because my aunt and her crazy friends come into town for a week and take me out. Thinking about plants and such reminded me of a TRKFLD story… about aloe plants. Here’s to the warm weather on its way.

Bryan (TRKFLD owner) and Lauren (Creative Director extraordinaire) planted aloe plants on the roof of our Old City office last spring. When it started to get cold out this past fall, Lauren and I quickly rushed to IKEA to buy pots to replant the aloe and transfer them inside the office. Months passed and the aloe plants survived just fine. After a while Lauren and I each took a small plant home and mine is still growing! So much so that it inspired me to acquire a few more green friends.
And all the aloe plants lived happily ever after, the end.


Wu-Tang + Sour Cream + Synthesizers Equals…

We got to talk to Rick Mitchell of YMD and Instamatic about the TRKFLD gear he owns and all the ways he uses it.

Name: Rick Mitchell
Job: Marketing
Bag: Tara bag in Grey Black White Stripe

Tell us about yourself:
I love Wu-Tang and Tofutti Sour Cream.

What do you use your TRKFLD bag for? 
I use my Tara everyday for work.  And as an overnight bag.  I used it as a pillow once.  Also, I have a Bob bag that I use for band junk.  It matches my synth cases.
I also have a T+F Mahon that a homeless lady tried to steal from me once. Then she offered sexual congress for the contents. It was disturbing. Continue reading

Happy Fasnacht Day!

Fasnachts, Fastnachts or Faschnachts are donuts and although I don’t usually celebrate Mardi Gras, and I never celebrate Lent, I do celebrate this day. Where I come from, we all celebrate Fasnacht Day, because when a holiday involves pastry you really have no reason not to celebrate it. So grab a Fastnacht, gobble it down and think to yourself “I am so Pennsylvania Dutch right now”.

Where My Boys At?

We’ve been posting a lot of girly stuff lately with fashion week, nail polish and such. Well this one if for all the guys out there.
We’ve matched some of the Fall ’09 looks with TRKFLD bags, consider it a sorta look book.

A look from 1909 VICTORINOX matched with Maile bag in Canvas Mccaw.

A look from Tommy Hilfiger matched with a Tara bag in Armanda Citrus.

A look from Tommy Hilfiger matched with a Bob bag in Coastal Brick.

A look from Tommy Hilfiger matched with a Kole bag in Bay Brown/Wheat.

A look from 3.1 Phillip Lim matched with a Benjamin bag in Grey Black White Stripe.

So there you go, some fall looks for you fellas out there. Just some fashion advice for everyone, try not to look like this guy:

(Alexander McQueen)


A past TRKFLD intern, Kristin Gavin, is enjoying New York Fall Fashion Week and telling us all about it. Lucky girl!

“It’s 2009 Fall Fashion Week and I have been walking around the tents at Bryant Park looking smashing with my TRKFLD Marty bag all the while spotting everyone from Anna Wintour to Marc Jacobs! I am enjoying the atmosphere and attending a few shows that I have been invited to through being a student at NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Its been quite exciting to see the upcoming looks for fall and so far I have seen color trends consisting of three must haves: black, deep red, and bubble gum pink. Continue reading

Piazza Preview Party!

Last night the TRKFLD crew attended the Artists’ Piazza Preview Party at the Tower Gallery in Northern Liberties. It was a good time! We ate some sushi, sipped some wine and made some new friends. We really didn’t know what to expect when we showed up, but the spaces are really beautiful and blew us away. Pictures and such… Continue reading

Fall ’09 NYFW: Nail Polish Edition

Fashion week pictures are drenching the internet and although I wish I had the budget and status to find myself in the tents, I am left admiring from afar. Luckily I can find comfort in the fact that not all of the new looks are thousands of dollars, I am talking about nail polish. In the past few season nail polish has been getting a lot of buzz. There was the comeback of neon colors and that short-lived trend of flesh-colored nails. The fall shows are displaying gray nails, dark green nails, blue, red, golden nails on the Chris Benz runway, and even gradient nails at the Akiko Ogawa show!

(picture from the NYLON blogs)

Of all the crazy nail trends emerging, my favorite so far is the reverse french manicure:

(picture from the NYLON blogs)
I love having dark nails, especially OPI’s shade ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’. The reverse french manicure is the perfect to mix up the dark nail look.

Also, in nail news, Lily Allen posted this picture on her Twitter just the other day: